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Homeward Bound

We made it back to the Dominican Republic!  We are back home!  After 12 months spent in varying degrees of medical crisis, we have finally made it back to our home in the DR.  From March 2023 – March 2024, we were living in limbo in Pinckney, MI.  During this time both Camila and Adam […]


Thankfulness This has been one heck of a year. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about all of us being together – alive and healthy – after multiple crazy traumas. Over the course of a few months it felt like everything that could go wrong did: Adam’s foot had gotten worse so […]

Happy New Year

Blessings and peace to everyone! I pray that this post reaches each of you doing well and enjoying the beginning of 2022.  The end of 2021 was a roller coaster of health concerns and balancing the many moving parts of family life and ministry.  Since November Adam has continued to endure open ulcers on his […]

Fall 2021

Happy fall everyone! I hope that each of you are enjoying the cooler weather.  Though it’s not at all cold here in the Dominican, the weather has shifted to cooler breezes and dare I say it – chilly nights!The last couple of months have been a whirlwind.  I apologize we missed last month’s blog.  In […]

Adventures in Missions

This last month has been a doozy! After our last blog post Adam and Cami went to the States for 5 days to get her residency visa from the DR Consulate in Chicago and so that Adam could have follow up care for his foot.  I am overjoyed to report that BOTH of those things […]

We made it!!

Adam had shoulder surgery at the end of January.  It was a slightly longer recovery than anticipated including several months of PT.  But, thanks be to God, he is good as new! After such a long season of being displaced and moving from home to home, we are finally back in the Dominican Republic!  Thank you for […]

The end of a long year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our supporters and friends! I pray that this update finds each of you healthy and doing well.  As fall turned into winter, not much has changed for our family.  We are still staying at the cabin up north (no cell service is starting to get to […]

Fall Updates

As the weather in Michigan continues to get colder we are embracing the fall colors, sights and smells.  There’s nothing like apple cider and doughnuts to cure a little homesickness for the DR.  🙂  Everyday it’s becoming clearer and clearer that we will be in the States through Christmas.  We are currently renting an AirBnB in Alger, […]

Summer 2020

As the summer continues I am happy to report that we are all safe and healthy.  We are currently staying at a family cabin near Edenville, MI (where the dams broke earlier this year).  We will be here until September 1st.  We are so grateful for this space.   It is truly beautiful up here […]