Fall Updates

As the weather in Michigan continues to get colder we are embracing the fall colors, sights and smells.  There’s nothing like apple cider and doughnuts to cure a little homesickness for the DR.  🙂  Everyday it’s becoming clearer and clearer that we will be in the States through Christmas.  We are currently renting an AirBnB in Alger, MI (near West Branch).  We found this place online and after talking to the owner he agreed to rent to us on a month to month basis while we are living out this strange time of displacement due to COVID-19 and health concerns.  This has been a huge blessing!  Though we are anxious to get back home to the DR, it is comforting to have a place to land for the moment.  Our days pass quickly with homeschooling, doctor appointments and working remotely to support the mission from here.  We were able to get our dog, Zelie, from the Dominican with the help of a generous American who was traveling back to the midwest.  Our family pup has brought a lot of comfort to all of us during such a transitional time. 

Adam’s health has improved in some ways but taken hard turns in other ways.  The hole in his foot took a turn for the worse after we moved from the cabin on [empty] Wixom Lake into the AirBnB we are in now.  After consulting with his doctors it was determined that in the interest of his long-term foot health they should remove the knuckle of the toe (opposite foot from his other foot surgery a couple of years ago).  Yesterday he had the surgery and it was a success!  The surgeon gave a great report – including that the bone looked perfectly healthy!  So we have every reason to be hopeful that his healing process will be quick and relatively painless.  He is still battling shoulder pain and may have surgery on that at some point.

The mission in the Dominican continues to move forward.  Construction of the clinic is in motion.  The online fundraiser we did at the end of the summer raised over $24,000 for all of the interior pieces of the clinic (windows, doors, tiles, etc.).  We are honored to put a plaque in each room with a dedication from the person who sponsored the space.  It truly was amazing to see our community come together and sponsor these costs!  Thank you to all those who donated, allowing us to open the clinic timely!  We are planning another online fundraiser for later in November in lieu of our annual auction.  More details to come. 

As of right now, the Ministry of Public Health has not fully re-opened all of the sectors that fall under their jurisdiction.  This means that our mobile medical clinic program is not yet allowed to see patients.  Please pray with us that they re-open timely. Many of our patients are suffering from this decision – patients that rely on blood pressure medication, severely malnourished children, women who need pre-natal care and many other needs that are left unmet.  We have already received word that several children and adults have died directly related to the lack of access to healthcare.  Please pray for this special intention! 

Over the last couple of months there have been storms that came through Elias Pina.  One of the storms took off the roof of the Mission House in Palo Seco!  Completely gone!  Thankfully the owner of the home was very quick to respond and it has now been repaired.  For those anticipating coming down to work in 2021 – you will see a brand new roof in Palo Seco! 


BEFORE: Porch of the mission house with no roof, damage extended into kitchen, living room and bedrooms


AFTER: New roof over the porch of the mission house, new roof extends over the entire house!

Looking ahead, we are thoughtfully and thoroughly planning for the return of our mission teams.  We look forward to having people return to work with us in 2021 with revised protocols and procedures that keep them and the people they serve as safe as possible.  If you are interested in coming, please reach out to us for availability.  

2020 has been a crazy year that no one anticipated.  We want to thank you for all of your prayers and support during this time.  The community that God has provided for our family and for the mission continues to blow us away with spiritual support and generous giving.   Thank you for being part of our team! 

Ways you can pray for us: 
-For the health of our whole family, especially for Adam’s foot and shoulder, that he may heal and be ready for return to the mission in mind and body. 
-For the re-opening of mobile medical clinics in the province of Elias Pina
-For the continued health and safety of Kailey, who is currently in the Dominican Repulic, along with Dr. Angel, his family and all of our Dominican staff and local friends
-That the construction of the clinic would continue to push forward, even in the face of obstacles related to COVID-19, so that we can open and serve those who need it the most