Building Bridges of Hope will guide you through every aspect of your short term mission trip, starting with preparation meetings. Each step of the process is vital to being the best missionary and goodwill ambassador you can be. We guarantee that your time with us in Elias Pina, Dominican Republic will be challenging, heartbreaking and completely worth it

Please read through the Examination of a Missionary Heart, reflecting on your expectations and hopes for a mission trip. If you feel the call to the come work with us in the Dominican Republic, please contact us using the form below. 

Am I willing to be uncomfortable?
Do I have a desire to serve others?
Am I open to God using this trip to shape me?
Do I agree that this trip is not about me or my purpose but God’s purpose for my life?
Am I are willing to go deep into the poorest reaches of the DR, letting my heart be broken for my fellow brothers and sisters?
Can I handle being hot and dirty at the end of each day? Do I understand that what I see and experience has the possibility to change my life?
Can I agree to respect my team members and extend the grace God has extended to me when there are differences between us?

Our group mission trips are for groups of 4+ participants.
The Land Package Fee is $1,000 (not including airfare)
This covers one week of accommodations, food, vehicle rental, drivers, translators, cooks, etc. If you are interested in staying longer than one week, additional fees will apply.

We will send you the formal application to review and fill out once we receive your inquiry.