Fall 2021

Happy fall everyone! I hope that each of you are enjoying the cooler weather.  Though it’s not at all cold here in the Dominican, the weather has shifted to cooler breezes and dare I say it – chilly nights!The last couple of months have been a whirlwind.  I apologize we missed last month’s blog.  In our last post we asked for prayers for a sibling set that has had extremely difficult family dynamics.  Due to even more complicating factors (including human trafficking allegations) we started September by adding a teen foster daughter to our home.  After working closely with a Diocesan priest from her neighborhood, it was determined that the best solution for her complicated situation was to be in a home that would oversee her education and prevent the trafficking situation by providing a safe, stable environment.  We initially planned for this new home environment to be in a Dominican household.  We knew this would be ideal (and we still believe this would have been ideal) but we were unable to find a willing household.  With the impending situation becoming more urgent, and with the blessing from the Diocesan priest, we opened our hearts and our homes to this sweet girl.  Though the last month hasn’t been without challenges, God has confirmed over and over again that this was the right decision for her and for our family.  She has joined our homeschool and is slowing learning to read.  Our  goal is to be reading and writing with enough proficiency to go to the local Catholic school in January 2022.   Please cover her in prayer! Pray that she continues to study hard, that she remains open with us, that her heart would be receptive of God’s love while also struggling with big life questions.

Early in September we were able to go to the Department of Migration for our residency appointments.  It was a long day, beginning with our 9 am appointment and not ending until 6 pm with our medical evals.  But I am thrilled to report that everything was accepted and we are moving forward to the next phase!  Now we wait 2-3 months for our final appointments. ​ Please keep this intention covered in prayer as well.

Construction on the clinic continues to move forward.  In all transparency, we are extremely frustrated with the foreman of the project.  His responses to our questions and concerns are less than receptive and his attendance at the worksite has been extremely minimal.  Things are still steadily moving forward, even if not at the pace that we would prefer haha. Pastor Ryan and his mission group with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in California raised $30,000 for the solar panel system for the clinic!!! This is a HUGE blessing as the cost of the solar system has been a priority for awhile now.  God has been exceedingly generous through His people and their heart for the people on the DR – Haiti border.In lieu of our annual auction fundraiser, we are planning to do an online fundraiser (similar to the one that we organized in August 2020).  More details to come!  We are also looking at doing a small Christmas shop so people can buy BBOH merchandise for gifts this year.  All items will be available for a short period of time only, so keep your eyes open for that launch soon!

The sea container arrived here in the DR in mid September but we haven’t yet received it.  After a long customs-clearing process and inspections from various government departments, we are hopeful to get it released this week.  Here are some photos of the container loading in Michigan

THANK YOU to everyone that made this possible!!!!  It took many hands to load the container, lots of storage locations and sacrifices of time, talent and treasure.  We are forever grateful to each of you! ​

A couple of weeks ago we had to make the very difficult decision to put down our guard dog, Thor.  He was a German shepherd from a litter that was born to our friend’s dog.  He was just barely 1 year old.  After a horrible accident (he tried to jump a high gate and got stuck on the iron spikes on the top) he was suffering from paralysis in the back part of his body, leaving two legs unusable. Fortunately, our good friend Jenn is a vet in the capital of the DR, Santo Domingo.  She was an immense help after the accident and in the following weeks as we waited for signs of movement in his legs.  We wouldn’t have been able to give him the care he needed without her and her generosity of time and talent.  ​ Thor will be forever missed. <3

Thor sneaking a couch cuddle (he wasn’t allowed up there!)

Thor and Nico

As I currently write this, Adam is in Michigan for more maintenance on his feet.  He still has one pesky callus that needs to be trimmed regularly and a problem area on the other foot.  Please continue to pray for this intention – it is always in the back of our minds and requires monitoring.   Adam returns on Saturday.  Though his trip was short and to the point, we have missed him terribly and look forward to having him back!Prayer requests: 
-For our foster teen as she continues to adjust to life in a house with many littles and new expectations.  For her studies but most especially for her heart – that she may comforted as she processes all of her life experiences. 
​-For our residency status, that we will be officially approved as soon as possible. 
​-For the health of our whole family and for complete healing in Adam’s feet. 
-For all of our projects:  the new medical clinic, the preschool, the nutrition program, etc.  For all that goes into keeping these programs afloat – both behind the scenes and in person with our community members.