Happy New Year

Blessings and peace to everyone! I pray that this post reaches each of you doing well and enjoying the beginning of 2022.  The end of 2021 was a roller coaster of health concerns and balancing the many moving parts of family life and ministry.  Since November Adam has continued to endure open ulcers on his feet.  There WAS an infection in this foot, but thanks be to God the infection is completely gone.  He is focusing on staying off of the foot so that the wound can continue to heal.  As you can imagine, that is a tough thing to do in our family with small kids and many responsibilities.  Please pray that his wounds close up and he is able to start moving around more.  We found an incredible doctor in the capital who speaks English and most importantly whom we trust.  It has been an immense blessing to be able to have his feet continually trimmed and seen here locally.This fall we focused on showering our foster teen with love.  It was a season of sweet “firsts” and some hard conversations.  She is doing extremely well with homeschooling and tutoring.  We are planning to transition to a local night school later this spring where she can continue to catch up on her studies.  An older couple from our parish offered to help with her schooling and have been tutoring her twice a week – a true gift of their time and talent.  She also got some long-awaited health tests and was also evaluated by an optometrist.  Armed with new glasses, her reading pace and comprehension have taken off! We are very proud of all of her hard work, both in her studies and in embracing so much transition.  Spending time with her and pouring into her has opened our eyes even further to some heartbreaking local realities.  Please continue to pray for her as we manage emotions, expectations and past traumas.December came and went quicker than we could have imagined.  We celebrated Dominican Nochebuena (Christmas Eve dinner, a uniquely special meal that has the sentiments of American Thanksgiving mixed with Christmas) with Dr. Angel’s family.  Unfortunately, in December we also battled head lice and COVID19.  Thankfully we are on the recovering side of both of those issues.  Please continue to pray for health and protection for our whole family as we continue to live and serve abroad.


Camila, Benjamin, Emily and Nico – Christmas 2021

We were finally able to get the sea container pulled through customs and all of the furniture was brought up the mountain to the clinic site.  It is such a beautiful thing to see! THANK YOU to everyone who donated, organized and moved donations so that these items could reach their final destination in Rosa la Piedra.  We are so grateful for your sacrifices! The BBOH-FUMSIL Medical Team (Dr. Angel, Kailey and a crew of helpers) continue to do medical clinics once a week at the new medical center.  Once we have finished the security wall and the electrical system, we can start planning to offer more regular services Monday through Friday.

Medical Clinic complex in RLP

Dr. Angel in consultations at the new medical clinic
Our preschool and child development center opened during December 2021 for a trial season of classes.  We are working toward opening full time this month.  Please continue to keep these littlest ones close in prayer and that we are able to continue instilling hope and the love of Christ through hands-on learning.

We are also preparing to host our first group of volunteers since the pandemic began.  St. Mary Parish in Pinckney MI is sending a small team in February.  We are so excited to return to our regularly scheduled mission teams! Please pray for continued good health as we prepare for the team by getting the Mission House up to par and planning all the details of their trip. Though time has passed quickly, please be assured of our gratefulness for your love and support.  We are only able to be here serving full time because of YOUR sacrifices and gifts that make this mission possible. Thank you for supporting our family, for supporting the mission and for covering us in prayer! We are praying for each of you as we enter 2022 with hearts full of hope for the future!