Adventures in Missions

This last month has been a doozy!
After our last blog post Adam and
Cami went to the States for 5 days to get her residency visa from the DR
Consulate in Chicago and so that
Adam could have follow up care for
his foot.  I am overjoyed to report that BOTH of those things went exceedingly well.  Cami now has her visa and will be joining us at our residency appointment in September at the Migration
Office.  Adam’s foot was able to be
trimmed by a podiatrist, confirming
that there is no infection or problem – praise Jesus!  This brief visit home
also allowed them to have some
good quality time with both sides of
our family.  As the youngest of four
kids, Camila was soaking in all of the one on one time with grandparents!

Cami enjoying all the spoils of family in Michigan. That smile says it all.
While Adam was in the States, our new-to-us vehicle had major repairs done.  The engine (which was supposed to be new) had failed and we needed a new one.  Luckily, the seller of the vehicle was responsive and agreed to help us fix the situation.  Though it was a large unexpected expense, we were able to get a new motor with the seller paying for half of the cost.  Used car sales can be tricky in the US, but especially so in a developing country.  God surely was watching over us as the seller went above and beyond to help with the situation instead of simply not returning our calls.  Everything was fixed by the time Adam was back in the DR! 

As many of you know, years ago there was a season of life when we took care of malnourished children in the Mission House in Palo Seco.  Though that was a very tough season for many reasons (many kids, lots of sicknesses, stress, etc.), it was also a period of time that I will forever cherish.  It was a season that taught me so much about local culture, parenting and family dynamics.  There was a set of siblings that came into our care during that time.  For their privacy, I’m not going to name them or share photos.  However, I want to ask for your prayers for these siblings.  All these years later, the kids have grown and so has the severity of their family dynamics.  We are working with the parish closest to them in an effort to “build bridges” (see what I did there? hahaha) and meet their needs as best we can.  But please, please, please pray for them.  Pray that their physical needs will be met and their hearts will be protected – and that ultimately they see God’s hand in caring for them.  And also pray for us as we have meeting after meeting, attempting to fill the gaps and aide as some sort of hybrid CPS/social services/education intervention. 

During July I was able to join Dr. Angel and Kailey for consultations in Rosa la Piedra on two occasions.  It was surreal to be serving the community from inside the walls of the Clinic of Hope.  A dream come true!  Y’all know that I teared up (surprise, surprise!) multiple times during those visits.  It was so refreshing to see familiar faces, even from behind masks.   Being in the actual building brought such a sense of hope and accomplishment… I found myself visualizing  all of the ways that we can lift up those villages with long term change and eternal hope.  I am looking forward to the completion of the clinic and serving Rosa la Piedra through education and catechesis alongside the medical clinic.
Pastor Ryan and Good Shepherd Luthern Church in California contacted us about raising money for  the clinic through their annual missions fundraiser.  We were so honored to be chosen as a receipt of their efforts.  Through their one day event they were able to raise $30,000 for the electrical system, polar panels and batteries for the clinic!  AMAZING!  I had been worried about the cost of a good solar system.  But just like many times before, God provided what was needed for HIS clinic. 

Preparations for the sea container continue to push forward.  
So many people have come together to make this shipment happen.
We are forever grateful for each of your sacrifices! 
We have two major moving dates – Aug 13 & Aug 25.  On Aug 13 all of the donations will be moved from the Stutzky’s house to Grand Rapids Transport (Jenison, MI).  Then on Aug 25, the sea container will arrive at Grand Rapids Transport and all donations will be moved from storage onto the container.  We need as many strong people as possible to help with all of this moving!  If you or someone you know are able to help, please reach out to us.  The only items we still need are appliances: refrigerators, generator, stove and washing machines.  If you have any of those items, please contact us right away to arrange for transport to the sea container. 


July 2021, scenic overlook on the way home to San Juan

​Toward the end of July we were contacted by a good friend and supporter who had some hotel points that needed to be used.  She offered to book a place for Kailey and our family to enjoy for a few days.  To say that we were excited was an understatement!!  This opportunity was our first real overnight trip to the beach.  We had a great time!!  We enjoyed the free time just spent together and enjoying the beauty of the ocean.  It was a true gift – thanks again to this special person – you know who you are! 🙂 

Prayer intentions:
​-For the sibling set and their family, that as a community we can wrap them in love and protection.
-For our pending residency status and the appointments in September
-For our family, that we remain healthy (we had a short bout with amoebas recently) and safe while we serve here in the DR.