Summer 2020

As the summer continues I am happy to report that we are all safe and healthy.  We are currently staying at a family cabin near Edenville, MI (where the dams broke earlier this year).  We will be here until September 1st.  We are so grateful for this space.   It is truly beautiful up here with beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere.

While we are here in the States we have been enjoying as much family time as possible.  We’ve been visiting grandparents, enjoying the outdoors and soaking in all of this time together.  Toward the end of last school year we changed up our homeschool curriculum and the kids have loved it so much that we’ve continued some of those studies.  I find that it keeps all of us occupied and feeling accomplished in our day to day routine.  We had a virtual BBOH Board Meeting recently and enjoyed time catching up with each of the members.  It is a gift to be supported by them. 

​Adam’s foot continues to heal extremely well.  Previously there was some talk about a possible surgery but because his foot is healing that isn’t necessary anymore.  Praise God!!  Adam’s passport was sent in to be renewed in June but due to COVID there is a long turn around time.  

We recieved news that the kids (everyone but Camila, we haven’t applied for her yet) are approved for their Dominican visas!  This is a joyful step toward residency in the DR.  We’ve sent their passports into the Dominican Consulate and we are awaiting their return.  Adam also renewed his passport in June because it was set to expire within 6 months (we cannot travel on a passport that will expire within that timeframe so we had no choice but to send it in for renewal).  So as it sits today, 4 out of the 6 people in our family don’t have their passports!  Both of these tasks have been complicated by covid19 and we are praying for quick turn around times. 

Come September we will be at yet another fork in the road.  We will either be traveling back to the Dominican Republic or transitioning into a missionary housing opportunity in Ada, MI.  To be honest, I am torn about what is the right thing to do.  COVID numbers continue to rise in the Dominican and our teams are most likely canceled through the end of the year.  My heart aches to be home, to be in our house and resume some level of normalcy (I am especially missing our dog).  But going home to sit primarily in seclusion as social distancing and curfews are in full swing isn’t ideal either.  Please cover us in prayers for wisdom as we continue to discern where it is that the Lord wants us to be during this in-between time.   

One thing is certain:  He wants this clinic in Rosa la Piedra to be built.  A few  weeks ago we started planning a small scale online fundraiser specifically for the cost of the interior items like windows and doors. We have been BLOWN AWAY by the response from our community!!!  Less than 24 hours after announcing it  online ALL of the rooms were sponsored, less than 24 hours after that and ALL of the ‘plan B’ rooms were also sponsored.  Here we are a week later with only tiles, the lower price item, left to be purchased.  
The only explanation is that His plans are greater than our own.   

Thank you for joining us on this mysterious, never know what will happen next adventure.  Thank you for supporting us financially, spiritually and for walking this journey together.  
Be assured of our prayers for you and your families.

Love,  Adam and Jessica Carlile 


Pure Michigan <3


Watching fireworks on the 4th of July