Summer is in full swing

As the temps steadily rise into the mid 90s we’ve been busy with visitors, teams and interns this summer.  Our Volunteer Coordinator Intern, Cassie Herrington, has been here for over a month now helping the mission teams by living in the house with them and leading all evening activities/reflections.  The truth is that she is much more than a Volunteer Coordinator.  She has also re-vamped our website with a fresh look (check it out here!) and supported our family by loving our kids well.  We are grateful for her presence this summer! 

Grandma Coffelt, Jessica’s mom, came to visit in June, helping us with the kids while we had a team here and doing “Grandma Camp” with the kids.  It was a true blessing for us all to be able to spend time together.  The kids especially benefitted from some one-on-one time with Grandma having tea parties, baking, doing crafts, etc.  We are so grateful that she took the time to come and visit us!  


Cassie with Ale and Juan Luis


The kids on ‘Dr. Seuss Day’ of Grandma Camp

In June we had a team come down with BBOH Ambassador Lindsay Nelson.  It was was an awesome blend of people and personalities!  We really enjoyed getting to know this group and being able to see old friends like Lindsay and Mo.  We had 3 medical clinics and 2 Nutrition Programs & Anti Parasite Distributions.   It was a VERY busy week.  

Child weighing station at a mobile medical clinic


Amb. Lindsay Nelson’s Group, June 2019


Vitamin A distrubution

PicturePrayer before beginning a mobile medical clinic.

At a recent clinic in Rosa la Piedra (where we are building the new clinic) we had an AMAZING turnout.  Over 150 patients showed up and even more children were brought to be weighed.  These patients walked from many different rural villages to make it to the clinic site.   6 severely malnourished children were brought to Las Matas for around the clock care and monitoring by a religious order there.  Unfortunately two of the children have since passed away…. a very hard reality that we are once again faced with.  The loss of a child to the complications of malnutrition is heartbreaking. I don’t know that we will ever become accustomed to this aspect of medical missions.  Please pray for our hearts and minds as we remain flexible to the will of the Lord. 

Please pray for those little ones, their families and for our staff as we navigate the emotional stress of these situations.  There is third little one from the same area who is also very sick and in the hospital, please pray for his full recovery, in Jesus’ name.  

This month we will be hosting 3 mission teams and a second intern.  We have 9 medical clinics planned and 6 Vitamin and Anti-Parasite Distributions.  Our good friend Olivia is also coming down closer to the end of the month to participate as a volunteer but then also to stay and help us with the kids for 3 weeks…. a HUGE blessing!

Please keep a look out on the new website and BBOH Facebook page for continued updates as the month goes on.  We remain grateful for each of you and for your heart to support missions through supporting our family.  

In Christ’s Peace,

Adam & Jess