Jumping out of the boat

To our supports, friends and family: 

It’s that time again! We get to do the will of God! What a time to be alive! There is something about following (or attempting to) the will of our Lord and Savior. Knowing that you’re on a mission from the most high. Of course, it’s not easy. It’s not without its hardships, difficulties and problems. However, it is full of incredible grace that allows us to push through those barriers. When we jump out of the boat like Peter in Matthew 14:29 (“And he said, “Come.” And Peter, descending from the boat, walked over the water, so as to go to Jesus.”), we get to ask to come to Jesus. No matter the physical realm. No matter what state the world is in. No matter what the laws of physics say are possible. When we do this, we’re stepping out in faith. That’s why we’re here. 

With that said, amazing things that defy physical reality have happened in the last month. We have been presented the opportunity to film a short documentary for the Knights of Columbus “Everyday Heros” campaign.  As a knighted 4th degree SK of Assembly 2050 in Howell, Michigan, we have had an incredible base of support from my fellow Knights. Both at Assembly 2050 and Counsel 11791 (3rd Degree at St. Mary’s in Pinckney, MI).  The Knights of Columbus hired the production company Spirit Juice to spend a week with us here in the Dominican Republic.  It was an incredible experience and very humbling. They filmed myself as well as bits of our life over the course of the week.  I was able to speak to why we do what we do here in the DR, what drives us to keep going, and what we need to continue moving forward. 
One of the topics discussed was our vehicle situation. Vehicles are the way that we reach people so far outside of our area. They’re an essential part of moving our volunteers up the mountain and moving our family around. We currently have a 2012 Jeep Patriot.  We shipped it in 2016 and received it in Jan of 2017.   Due to import laws, we aren’t able to sell or transfer the vehicle for 5 years after the receive date (which would be 2022). The problem is, we have put so many miles on this vehicle and put it through so much, that we are now encroaching upon repairs that cannot be done in the Dominican Republic (CVT transmission, ‘Continually Variable Transmission’, that cannot be replaced and the repercussions of an electrical fire that occurred behind the radio – luckily I put out the fire and the entire vehicle wasn’t set ablaze).   So we find ourselves again in the spot of needing a vehicle for the mission. Without it we can’t get to work, easily transport volunteers or accomplish the mission at hand. We’re currently using it sparingly to preserve the life it has left in it.  Please keep us in your prayers on this major point. Dominican law dictates that a vehicle cannot be imported if it’s over 5 years old by the time it’s received. This means if we were to start the process tomorrow, we wouldn’t be able to import a vehicle that’s more than 4 years old due to the shipping process timeline. This is a tall order we know. Not too big for God though!!

It was encouraging to share these types of mission needs through the filmed interviews.  The rest of filming the K of C documentary went amazing! We were able to do a sit down interview with Alè, one of the children who lived with us.  He came to us at 2.5 years old, unable to walk weighing just 10 lbs.  Although he was nervous, he did great! His family was also enthusiastic about being interviewed. 


Ale during his interview with Spirit Studios.


Ale and his immediate family.

The video will be available soon!  We will be sure to share it when it is made public.  

On May 23rd we will be receiving a new group from the University of Saint Francis consisting of 14 people! This is a group that planned a trip to Haiti, but had to back out due to political disruptions and protests. They were referred to us and we planned a 5 day trip with them! They’re going to offer many exciting things for our programs with the inclusion of a livestock veterinarian. I, however will be in Michigan from May 23rd to June 4th. The entire duration of their trip! So please keep Kailey and Jessica in your prayers during that time! So far May has brought us many opportunities to step out of the boat….and it’s only May 13th!  Though it is uncomfortable, we ultimately desire for God’s will to be done regardless of our comfort. We know He won’t let us sink into the raging sea. 

God bless all of you for your unwavering support! 

Prayer requests: 

-For our vehicle, that the Jeep is able to hang in there while we pray through what the next move/opportunity may be for transportation needs.  
-For Adam as he prepares to go to the States for 10 days and for Jess and Kailey who will be holding down the fort both at home with the kids and in the field with a new group of volunteers. 
-In Thanksgiving for our health!!  All three kids got a nasty fever virus with high temps, but they’ve pulled through, thanks be to God. 
-For continued construction of the new Medical Clinic in Rosa la Piedra.  Kailey is diligently applying for grants to help cover the next phases of construction. 
-For all of the students and staff at the school in El Chivo as we begin to prepare for the end of the school year and graduation for the 5 year old students.
​-Last but not least, for our family, that we may continue to be united in mission with our hearts turned toward the Lord as we live out what has been asked of us.