So close I can taste it

Well folks…. we had a flight itinerary and a concrete plan for when we would be returning to the Dominican Republic.  Our flight schedule had us departing Detroit last week at 6 am (waking up at 3:30 am!) and arriving in Santo Domingo at 1:17 pm.  The day before our arrival Kailey and Dr. Angel had driven our vehicle to the capital to be at the airport to pick up our little family circus.  Ya’ll… I was EXCITED.  Just hours away from landing on Dominican soil… the feelings were something comparable to the first day of school jitters mixed with the excitement of Christmas morning, topped off with a sprinkle of anxiety about traveling with 3 small kids.  So many things all rolled into one. 

And then 1:00 AM hit.  Our sweet, sparkly eyed Emily woke up out of a deep sleep sicker than I have ever seen her. Everything she had eaten that day came back up and then some.  Adam is still in one of the various stages of shock.  The human body is amazing.  That’s all I can really say.  

So we called Delta Airlines in the middle of the night, explained the situation and they were more than accommodating, waiving some of the fees/restrictions.  #deltaforthewin  

We will now be leaving for the Dominican Republic TOMORROW MORNING.  As I type this, all three of the kids are tucked into bed sound asleep.  All of our bags are packed and loaded into the vehicles.  It almost feels too good to be true. 

Please continue to wrap our family in prayer over the coming weeks!  We will be updating soon with how the adventure (and God’s grace!) unfolds.  Thank you for your support! 

Prayer intentions: 
-For our transition back to the DR, smooth travels, calm children and content hearts as we re-establish life in a place that we love dearly but haven’t been to in almost a year. 
-That we may keep our eyes focused on Christ and on the mission that He has placed on our hearts.  That we may  accept the things that have changed while we were gone and for the grace to move forward as a unified team. 
-That God would provide a solution to our need for childcare in the Dominican, providing someone trustworthy who can love on our kids while we are at work.