Things are looking up!

Happy Friday everyone!  We hope that this update finds you doing well and enjoying this late summer/early fall weather.  We are SO EXCITED to share that our health concerns on all fronts are MUCH BETTER! 

Adam is completely healed from surgery.  His stitches are gone and the hole on the bottom of his foot is completely healed up.  Jessica is also feeling much better after her surgery, back to being mobile and picking up the kids!  We feel so encouraged by these major improvements   We are hopeful that we will be able to return to the Dominican Republic the first week of October.  This trip would only be 4 weeks or so because we have a wedding and our annual BBOH auction that will be held in November.  We feel that starting off with a shorter trip is  a smart move so that we can ensure our health problems are resolved for the long haul.  We have 3 mission teams coming down to work in October (the busiest Oct we have ever had!), so if we are able to travel it will be a blessing to be there during that time. 

Since we have been Stateside, we have been brainstorming some new ways to expand the blog and create content that illustrates our mission well.  One of the ways that we want to bring you “inside” the mission is by inviting former volunteers, local staff and friends to do a Guest Post.  Our guests will share about their experience with a particular part or aspect of the BBOH/FUMSIL mission.  

Our first Guest Post is written by Rachel Hay.  We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the experience of a BBOH volunteer and the ways that God can move through short term missions. 

Guest Post # 1 — By Rachel Hay


“My first international mission trip was an opportunity so intricately put together that it is almost impossible to not see God’s hand in it.  He has been working on my heart and breaking down my walls for years in preparation for this experience. I used to be afraid to ever leave my small hometown. I lived a convenient life just within the tiny parameters of my comfort zone.  If you would have told me three years ago that I would be doing missions in a third world country, I would have thought you were crazy! I could not have planned this on my own; God was in each step, guiding my heart and feet. He is able to do immeasurably more than anything we could ask or imagine if you will let Him. 

Through Building Bridges of Hope, we have the opportunity to serve remote villages that do not have any access to medical care.  I knew that I would see people who were suffering, sick, neglected, and hungry. I knew that this would be difficult to see. However, what I didn’t know is the imprint that it would leave on my heart.  Never again will I be able to casually walk by a situation of suffering without part of my heart breaking.  But in exchange, I can step into the Father’s heart and be a vessel of His love for those around me. 

At one of our clinics, I stood off to the side watching the children get weighed.  After one little girl stepped off the scale, her eyes locked with mine.  The child walked up to me and held out her tiny arms. I knelt down to her and she instantly wrapped her arms around me. I held her there in my lap for an hour.  I felt Jesus in that moment. This was not just a stranger; she was a daughter of the King.  Not a word was said but at that moment, two of His daughters from completely different worlds connected.  My heart was overflowing, and it changed me.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about that little girl. 

How is it possible to have such a connection with people in another country that you’ve never met and don’t even speak your language?  We are connected because we are a part of the same creation.  We connect on the one thing that every person was created to need – to be loved.  Love speaks every language.

I think that anyone can be kind to a stranger. But what about loving a stranger?  That is something that cannot be done passively.  We can choose to live in our comfort zone and only make efforts when it is convenient.  We can just love people who are easy to love, such as our close friends and family.  But God has called us to a much higher and greater purpose than loving only those that love you back.  If Jesus fully emptied himself to you, what’s keeping us from fully emptying ourselves to others?”