Feeling the love

Last weekend we had the honor of speaking at St. Mary in Pinckney as the official Diocese of Lansing Mission Appeal for 2018.  Before the first mass, emotions were running high.  Anxiety.  Fear.  I’m not a fan of public speaking to begin with…. throw in the fact that I was going to mention Papito AND explain how being a self-supported missionary works.  I was a nervous wreck.  #hotmess

It also happened to be Pentecost. AKA the perfect moment ever for us to talk.   And the perfect day for me to be reminded that I’m not doing the speech, or anything else for that matter, by my merits alone.  That in addition to the first two persons of the trinity I have the Holy Spirit to rely on if I would just remember to ask.  This powerful person of the trinity that will assist with anything, big or small, by strengthening the gifts of the spirit and leading us.  **Cue Taylor Swift’s song “Jesus Take the Wheel”** 

I know that God is with us.  I know that Jesus is walking alongside us, or better yet carrying us, through this season of health issues and stress.  But why-oh-why do I forget that fact precisely in the moments when I need to remember it the most?   Here’s to making a conscious effort to live more in the spirit and less in the worries, stress and frustrations of the flesh.  

Today, three days AFTER the mission appeal, I am STILL blown away by the show of support for our family and for Building Bridges of Hope.  The kind words, hugs and encouragement that followed each of the masses touched my heart in a way that, to be honest, I really needed.  To know  that people believe in us, recognize this calling, validate it and are praying that we continue to follow the Lord’s leading…. WOW.  It is precisely what this weary heart needed to hear.  I feel more supported than ever before.  And I feel empowered.  In this season of what feel stagnant, God used each of your expressions of support as a confirmation that we are moving forward in right direction.  That are worthy.  That He will provide.  

I always knew in my heart that we aren’t meant to go it alone.  We are made for community.  

And I am so grateful that you are part of mine.  

Last week we also had the blessing of visiting Beulahland Retreats in Beulah, Michigan (near Sleeping Bear Dunes).  It is a small housing unit available to pastors and missionaries for retreats.  The faithful family who built the apartment are pastors at a local church and felt God tell him to minister to Christian leaders, regardless of denomination.  What a beautiful ministry!  We are so grateful that they responded to the call and accepted our family as visitors.  We truly appreciated the opportunity to rest, pray and take in the beauty of Michigan. 

Emily enjoying the beach.


Adam and Ben jumped at the chance to take out a 4 wheeler.

Adam and I went to the Sleeping Bear Dunes on our honeymoon so we knew that we wanted to take the kids there while we were so close by.  It was just as beautiful as I remembered.  

During the retreat God spoke to me about roots.  He clearly said, “Stay rooted in Me” while I was admiring the beauty of the immense trees surrounding the retreat house.  While I reflected on that phrase it became clear that I hadn’t been focused on my roots.  Lately, I’ve been distracted by all of the wind tossing our branches and leaves.  I’ve literally felt uprooted and out of place, weakened by the storms of stress and anxiety.  But to weather a storm any tree must have deep roots which keep it upright and strong regardless of the powerful wind above ground.  What a beautiful reminder.   We are rooted in Jesus, come what may, nothing will change that. 

I also want to give a shoutout to Deb Read, a good friend of ours and a long-time supporter of the mission.  She helped us design our family mission cards and recently gave them a facelift with our updated family photo.  She also designed one for Kailey, our Medical Coordinator.   THANK YOU DEB!  We appreciate your time & talent!! 
While we’ve been focused on healing, participated in the retreat and did the mission appeal at St. Mary, life has gone on as normal in the Dominican.  Kailey is there, continuing to be a rockstar.  We hope that you enjoy these pictures of the BBOH Ambassador group that worked with us last week (Shoutout to you Rhonda, Kathie, Karen and others that visited and worked tirelessly!!)  
-Healing in Adam’s feet, that we are all able to return to the DR on June 6. 
-For Divine inspiration and guidance as we continue to fundraise for the Calimete Medical Center
-For our kiddos as we make a transition back to the DR, at this point they are very accustomed to life in MI and I anticipate some transition pains. 
-For peace, strength and good health.